Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What is up with Amsoil?

So, my brother says he has a product that will knock your socks off in regards to oil changes. I'm a sucker, so I bite. It's called Amsoil. I bought a case and tried it in my van.

Now I have a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country and I am no fan of changing oil.  Even moreso I dislike taking a car into a shop to have it's oil changed. When something is inconvenient, I try to do it well so I don't have to revisit too often. This is exactly why I love Amsoil's 25,000 mile oil change. Upon finishing the oil change, I said, "See you in 2015, baby!" I was sure to mark the mileage...and I have been checking the level regularly. All is still well.

Before I took the dive, I did a bit of research. I did find that this stuff rates out as the best on the market. Those are independent studies, I would like to add. It's really good stuff. But I couldn't understand why people haven't heard of Amsoil yet...

My guess is that more people would use it if it weren't for the multi-level marketing/lack of advertising of Amsoil. That AND the fact that there name sounds a bit like AMWAY--which, thankfully there is no connection. Nevertheless, their website seems to indicate that they are graduating from that type of marketing because you can purchase it online and not through a wholesaler (like my bro). Kudos to them, they certainly have a superior product, which should warrant better advertising.

As for the Sienna with higher miles, it gets regular oil. It would be a different case if it were younger in it's life cycle and not accustomed to the non synthetic oil, which is serving it fine. Amsoil is about the same price as your higher end synthetic oil you get at Autozone, so I do prefer to use it wisely.

So there you go. Amsoil: Official Oil sponsor of my van. And now you KNOW that. SID.