Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Completed Deck Box

Well, here it is. Finished and completed. This summer's project was a deck box and it was officially done on November 17th. Not bad timing ;).

I built it with 4 x 4 posts from Menard's, along with their treated AC 2" x 4"s. The slats I covered it with are the 5/8" x 5 1/2" x 5 1/2 ' untreated cedar. I used the 2" gold square screws (about 380 total). But won't it leak, you say?  Not with two sheets of aluminum flashing held fast by roofing nails and Liquid nails. The hinges match my fencing and are powder coated black. The final measurements:  44" height, 37" deep, 88" wide. Total cost was around $225. It's style and design, which matches my fence, is definitively Westfieldian. 

Here it is before doors. Notice the aluminum flashing.

From the front. It matches the fence, minus the graying element.

From the side. I did sand the cedar for the top because of roughness.

Glad to be done and even I couldn't mess this one up.  It was simple and not too time consuming. Blake did help with the assembly and it did bring back fond memories of fence building. I only destroyed one level and got Liquid nails all over a jacket. I'd say that is pretty good in the area of equipment casualties, common to every Moran project.

I'm thankful for a lot of things this Thanksgiving, some of which are my chop saw, table saw and drill.  Since my joint pain kicked in (read about it here), projects like these have gotten more difficult, but sweeter upon completion. So what project is next? I will ask the lovely Mr. Moran if she wants anything done for the winter, because I'm breaking for the holidays. Projects she thinks up with are usually much funner, anyway.

So, why did I build this? In a neighborhood that will not allow for sheds, this thing is a lifesaver. Pesky items like hoses that I do not want in my garage or attic for the winter can safely be stored here. It is accessible and lockable (a given seeing that I posted it HERE!).  Plus, I need to be a good steward of how and where things are stored and kept. Divvying up where things go in a house with four kids really matters. Bikes and sporting equipment in the garage alone made this deck box a presentable option. Plus, I'm not one of these cats that cannot rescue the material from the materialism. Taking care of your stuff does matter to me and my brood. Playing the crazy Platonic dualist card with a Gnostic bent is for a sucker. Gotta take care of your goods and store them properly, dude. It is the only way my fam rolls.

I'd say that does it for weatherization this year. I have other outdoor projects in mind, but a canopy and hot tub (Quote Aerosmith: Dream until your dream comes true!) are going to have to wait. Priorities always dictate and should. The table saw is going to get a breather for a bit, but when I break it out again, I will let you all know. If there is no other purpose, I like to keep my out of state friends updated on projects back at the ranch. Shine in Darkness.

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