Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anything happen while I was out?

I am happy to begin blogging again!  After a long hiatus, it is good to be back.

Of course, I didn't go away entirely.  I had an attempt to blog within the notes application on Facebook, but like Richard Marx once said, "I should have known better."  It didn't work.  I wanted to get back to the blogger format because I found that social media does a great job of advertising you or an idea, but does not necessarily present them well.

For reconnecting with people, social media is excellent.  However, within Facebook you can post something beneficial--nay, life changing--and it may not get the necessary looks.  FB has its spot, but the median can get elevated over the message.  Of course, we have all observed that the median can become the ENTIRE message and affect the narrative in regards to social media. Actually having something worth saying always requires a greater discipline, for both writer and reader.  To me, that greater discipline is exactly what blogging is.

So why now after 4 years?  Why come back to blogging?  Well, here are 5 reasons I can think of:

1.  There were enough good parts about blogging that I missed.  The interaction, the humor, the human side of things and the ability to communicate important bits of data in a helpful fashion are to name a few.  In a way, it connected me with others that I wouldn't have without it.  One of my rules of thumb is that technology should always bring people together, not apart.  Yep, that is blogging.  Granted, there is a negative side and wisdom is needed to navigate through that stuff.  But, it isn't enough to scare me off.

2.  I have grown up a bit since I last did this.  No longer am I in the morning time of my Christian life, I am now in the afternoon.  It is a wonderful time of day.  It is also the time of day that you go to work.  Plus, my absence has given me a perspective that attention could not.

3.  As follower of Christ, I am always reminded I must speak.  I am no silver tongue with a gift of gab and I really do treasure a fault.  It's high time I again speak good words and I seemed to do that well in this format.  And at a time when the world wants Christians to shut up, I don't think I should.  Much more have I to say...

4.  My generation thinks and feels with it's eyes.  So many of us are all about seeing and feeling, not reading and reasoning.  It is a cultural woe that affects critical thinking.  Now I realize the sum goal of the Christian faith is not to turn that non literary tide.  But, nevertheless, God wrote a book and our faith will be the only thing that will turn that tide.  And yes, I want to be part of that through this blog.

5.  I need challenged in many ways to be a husband, father and coworker who brings glory to God.  In short, I need humbled, encouraged, reminded, rebuked, sharpened and exposed.  Plus, I need to be stretched beyond my comfortable world view and reminded that life is not all about me.  I need to to continue to grow in my faith.  I just like how blogging is a reminder of that, imperfections and all.

I do promise to guard my tongue more so this time around.  The tongue is a restless evil and I am more aware of what I say now than ever.  Anger has always been a problem for me and I know of no one who can dump cold water on a situation quite like I can with my words.  The Apostle Paul started all his letters with grace and peace and I want nothing short of that for this time around.  I see no reason to go "Full Silver back Mode" for minor things.  I'm just not biting on small stuff and like a seasoned hitter in baseball, not every pitch was meant to be swung at.  The Internet has a way of making me want to go Pompeii so much that I have to watch myself.  Regardless, Proverbs 16:32 is on my radar.

Dr. Banner hasn't had an incident in a while and wants to keep it that way, kids.

Well, that should carry me through for the first post.  I'm rusty and I know it.  Fare thee well.


  1. Welcome back Ryan! The Spirit's wisdom and unique workings coming through your wit and words will be a welcome addition to the blogosphere and the Christian conversation at large. I look forward to seeing God be glorified here as you bring His light into the darkness. Fare the well my dear brother!

  2. I always learned something from your blog back in the day and look forward to your reflections again! Welcome back Ryan!

  3. Welcome back! I always look forward to reading what is on the hearts of my friends. Ps. You are a father of 4 now :)